"I enjoyed working with Mark. Mark was extremely professional and kept me well-informed throughout the process. He did excellent work preparing me for each interview, and did a great job with the final negotiation."
Doug B. Chief Financial Officer

"Mark found me on LinkedIn. He was easy to talk to and most of all listened to what I would entertain for a career change. He had a position but wasn’t going to place me unless it was a good fit for both parties! I would STRONGLY recommend Mark if your company needs the ‘right fit’!!
Thanks Mark for everything and keep in touch!"
Denise R. Executive HR

"To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of using recruiters. In the past, they have over promised and under delivered. Most of the time coming across checked out and disengaged in the process. This was not the case with Mark. Working with him was an amazing experience. He was extremely present throughout and had feedback available at every step. I would hope to always have someone like him championing for me in the future."
Leiam C.

"Mark Schmeizl is an excellent recruiter. I say that with confidence not just because he found me my current position. I say it because I wasn’t looking for a job, but I had an eye open for opportunity. Mark has gotten to know me and understood my career goals. He found a position for me that fit my objectives and brought it to my attention. It’s been a great move for me. Mark works hard for the employer, but also importantly for employee and that truly sets him apart."
Scott G.

"For the past several years, I have had the pleasure of working with Mark to identify top talent to fulfill our hiring needs. Mark has consistently placed himself above other placement firms and recruiters I’ve worked with or been approached by. He is kind, compassionate, and demonstrates a clear understanding of the company's needs and expectations to deliver results. His desire to place only the highest quality candidates, has served us well time and time again. I would highly recommend Mark and Global Recruiters of Windsor."
Stacy P. Vice President of HR, Boston Biotech